Purchase TalaPhoto license

TalaPhoto 2.0 is shareware and provides free unlimited use of all essential features. Registration is required to remove small "Created with TalaPhoto" watermarks from the MultiPrint and PhotoMovie features.

Ordering a TalaPhoto registration code is easy. Just use the Register button on the splash window which comes up whenever you start TalaPhoto. Or go to TalaPhoto's Help menu and select Register.

You may also purchase a registration key using these methods:
  • Online Credit Card Orders: Ordering online with a credit card is the fastest and lowest cost method. Your registration code will be emailed to you immediately.
  • Kagi is an alternate order processing site. They offer online, phone and fax ordering, plus they can accept US checks, International checks and certain wire transfers, in addition to credit cards. Registration keys are sent within 48 hours. Kagi charges a US$5.00 surcharge for phone orders.