TalaPhoto 2.9.6 New Features

TalaPhoto 2.9.6 adds the most requested new features to simplify reordering images and create custom text slides. Plus many other feature improvements and bug fixes.

Download the latest version of TalaPhoto.

Major New Features:

  • Multiple thumb selection to Move, Drag, Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Reorder and Delete multiple images
  • Reorder Selection command allows sequential clicking to reorder. Replaces MoveToStart and MoveToEnd
  • Photo show can now begin and end with user images. ie Fade to/from Black is now optional
  • New Text Slides for Intros, Titles, Chapter Markers, Credits, How to Buy instructions
  • Floating text captions can be added to any image or text slide
  • PhotoShow speed improvements, especially on Vista
  • iPhoto import dialog improvements; Listbox width is resizable, Improved handling of long names

Bug fixes and other new features:

  • Handle special characters in PhotoShow path names
  • Handle PhotoShow file busy
  • Progress bar while sending reports to Talasoft
  • Log enhancements
  • Fixed exception problem with QuickTime 7.4 on Windows
  • IPTC improved for certain cameras
  • Fixed license manager on Japanese OSX
  • Global license file support
  • Help menu -> Email Support
  • NVIDIA compatibility check

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