TalaPhoto 2.9.6 New FAQs

TalaPhoto 2.9.6 adds the most requested new features to simplify reordering images and create custom text slides. Plus many other feature improvements and bug fixes.
  • How do I reorder my images?
    TalaPhoto now provides three ways to reorder your thumbnail images; dragging, copy/paste or the new Reorder Selection command. And you can now dramatically speed up the process by selecting multiple images at the same time. Back to FAQ
  • How do I select multiple thumbnail images?
    TalaPhoto supports the standard clicking techniques for selecting multiple images.
    - Shift-Click will select all images between the currently selected image and the image you Shift-Clicked on.
    - Command-clicking on Mac or Control-Clicking on Windows will add the clicked image to the current selection. Continue clicking on additional images to add them to your multiple selection. Clicking again on an already selected image will deselect it. Note that selecting images in the desired sequential order can be used to reorder them, see the two FAQ items below about reordering. Back to FAQ
  • What operations can I perform on a selection of multiple thumbnail images?
    Moving, Dragging, Cut, Copy, Paste, Duplicate, Reorder and Delete
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  • How do I reorder images while dragging a multiple selection?
    If you hold SHIFT while dragging multiple images, they will be dropped in the order that you clicked when selecting them. If you drag multiple images without holding the shift key they will be dropped in their original display order, regardless of the order you selected them. Back to FAQ
  • How do I use the Reorder Selection command?
    To reorder your images you can drag them into the preferred order in the thumbnail list. Or you can manually Copy/Paste them into the desired order.
    However TalaPhoto now also provides the Reorder Selection command that simplifies the process to a few clicks and avoids a lot of dragging and scrolling. It's a simple two step process; first select multiple thumbnails in the desired order and then chose the Reorder Selection command.
    You can reorder any number of images from any locations in the thumbnail list with these steps:
    - Hold Command on Mac or Control on Windows
    - Click on thumbnails in the desired order
    - Right-click on any selected thumbnail and choose Reorder Selection
    - TalaPhoto will reorder the images into the order you clicked them and place them immediately following the first image you clicked Back to FAQ
  • How do I create a text slide?
    Use Edit -> Add Text Slide to create a new text slide. You can intermix them with the normal image slides to create title slides, chapter markers, credits or copyright slides or a final slide with contact and ordering info.
    Since TalaPhoto now lets you define the beginning and ending slides yourself, you could have a title slide showing before the slide show starts, and a credits or contact info slide as the final slide showing after the slide show ends. Back to FAQ
  • How do I get the fade-to-black effect at the slideshow's beginning and end?
    The Fade to/from Black transitions at the beginning and end of the slide show are now optional. To add them go to the Edit menu and chose Add Text Slide -> At Begin & End. Your slideshow will now have the same length and fade to black transitions as in prior TalaPhoto versions. Use the Timeline Music Editor to change any slide's duration as desired.
    You may want to save a default project with the first and last slides set to your liking, and then use that project to create new projects. Back to FAQ
  • What is the difference between an Annotation and the new Floating Captions?
    Annotations and Captions both overlay text on the slide, and you can choose the font, size, style and justification options for each. The difference is that Annotations are basically attached to the cell or document, while Floating Captions are attached to the image itself. Here's a summary:
    • Located at fixed positions on or around the cell
    • Does not move when image is moved or zoomed
    • TalaPhoto automatically inserts the contents
    • No control over wrap width, wraps at edge of cell
    • Font size is relative to the size of the cell
    Floating Captions:
    • Any number of captions can be placed anywhere you choose on an image
    • Captions follow the image as it's moved and zoomed
    • You manually enter the caption's content
    • You drag the handle to set the wrap width
    • The font size is automatically proportional to image scaling
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  • How do I use a Floating Caption?
    You can use a Floating Caption to add text onto a text slide, or even onto an image slide. The easiest way is to right click on the slide at the desired position, and chose Add Text Caption from the popup menu. Note that if you click in the left half of the cell, the Caption field is automatically centered for you. You reposition the Caption by dragging it or its border. Drag the handle at the right edge to change the field width. Right clicking on the Caption also allows you to set its style properties or to delete it. Back to FAQ